Friday, February 12, 2010

Checking the stats

A disturbing statistic I found: In Big Ten play the Hoosiers are scoring 61.7 points per game, nearly seven points below their season average of 68.6 points per game. And probably more of a concern, IU is allowing more points per game in conference play. The Hoosiers are giving up an average of 70.3 points per game to Big Ten opponents, an increase over the season average of 69.6 points per game.

The scoring difference in Big Ten play mostly has come in the second half. IU was outscored by 73 points in those 11 games, while in the first half, the scoring difference was 24.

The Hoosiers' field goal percentage is 39.5 in Big Ten play, which is essentially tied for worst in the conference with Iowa. That wouldn't bother me very much, except that IU is allowing opponents to shoot 45.2 percent.

I think these numbers will improve soon. But I don't think it will happen Saturday at Wisconsin or Tuesday versus Michigan State. There may be two games left where the Hoosiers have a fighting chance: at Iowa and at home against Northwestern. If not, we'll be hoping for a surprise in the Big Ten tournament.

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