Friday, November 7, 2008

Where is the love?

When I was an IU student 14 years ago, I had to get in line to get my season tickets for men's basketball. We marked our calendars for the day we could pick them up. I even remember jumping for joy in 1995 when learned I would be sitting on the floor for a game against Michigan. By the way, I even appeared on ESPN. I was signaling a three-pointer when the now infamous Neil Reed made in the first half. ESPN used the shot in their lead-in to a commercial break during halftime.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a commercial on the IU Web site advertising student tickets for men's basketball. And this story appeared in today Indiana Daily Student. Four thousand student ticket packages are unsold and now available to the general public.

We all know the Hoosiers are going to struggle this year and may not have a winning record. But that is not a reason for students to abandon the team. IU basketball is not inconsistent like IU football. Five national championships, nine final fours, more NCAA tournament berths than I can count. The tradition is there. And Assembly Hall is what makes it really special.

The students are who make it tough to play in Assembly Hall. Get out there and buy some tickets.

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