Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Refections on a forgettable season

After another beating, this time at the hands of Penn State, the Hoosiers head to Purdue this weekend. Most of us Hoosier football fans are hoping this game goes quickly so we can wake up from this nightmare.

The funny thing about this match-up, is that it's not a mismatch. Purdue has struggled just as much as IU has this year. If the Hoosiers can put together some defense and get some quality quarterback play, this game could be tight.

There are no bowl games on the line this year, just the Old Oaken Bucket. Unfortunately, it also is Purdue coach Joe Tiller's last game. That means the players will be emotionally up for this one.

The Boilers also are second in the Big Ten in passing yards per game, averaging 229 a game, which could pose a problem for the depleted IU secondary. But Purdue is last in points per game.

IU isn't much better in that department, at less than point per game better. But their offense is more balanced than Purdue. If the IU defense can stop or slow down the Purdue passing game, namely quarterback Curtis Painter, they could have a shot.

IU has not won on the road this year and I don't think that will change this week. Tiller goes out in style and IU finishes the season in last place in the Big Ten.

Soon, I'll be able to put all my energy into IU basketball. Is that such a good thing?

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They suck!