Sunday, July 13, 2008

From a Bears fan: Favre needs to stay retired

Picture this: Aaron Rodgers is about to run on the field after the Green Bay Packers recover a fumble. He is getting the final instructions from Coach Mike McCarthy. As the two huddle, another player is looking in, but not really part of the conversation. He is wearing No. 4 -- I remember him -- and his uniform is strikingly clean, considering it's a cold, muddy late October Sunday in Green Bay.

The sideline chat breaks and Rodgers heads to the huddle on the field, his huddle. The crowd noise still is higher than normal, hoping the Packers can capitalize on the turnover. Rodgers strides to the line of scrimmage, calls the signals and takes the snap. He drops back three steps, looks left, then right and spies receiver Donald Driver a step ahead on the post. He lets it go ... the pass sails perfectly on an arc about 40 yards, hits Driver in stride and he gallops the last 10 yards for the touchdown. Lambeau Field is in a frenzy, and Rodgers runs joyfully to the end zone to celebrate, then to the sidelines. No. 4 pats him on the shoulder pad, then returns to his clipboard and headset. That used to be him, he thinks.

Brett Favre made Packer fans forget about Don Majkowski and now Rodgers had made fans forget about him. Instead of doing what he loves -- playing football on Sundays -- he is watching others play football from the best seat in the house.

As a Chicago Bears fan, I would like to see Brett Favre come back, be released, and subsequently sign with the Bears for one more shot at the Super Bowl. But the Packers have said he is not going to be released. If the team is committed to Rodgers becoming the starter, does Favre really want to carry a clipboard this season and listen to the fans chant his name after every mistake Rodgers makes? Or worse, have Rodgers play well and everyone forget about him?

Brett, I feel your pain. You want to continue enjoying the career you had for so long. You should stay retired. Go out on top. Don't fade away on the sidelines clinging to the dream.

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