Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hold open tryouts...

If you wouldn't admit it before, you have to now. Tom Crean is rebuilding the IU program, not reloading, literally from the ground up. Jordan Crawford announced yesterday he is leaving IU.

That leaves Kyle Taber as the only scholarship player returning from last year's team, according to media reports. He averaged 1.3 points per game last season. Crawford was expected to be the focus of Crean's first team, according to this report.

That's 12 players from the 2007-08 team that are now gone, if you include graduations and leaving early for the NBA draft, according to the Indy Star's count. Should IU fans start to wonder if the players know something the rest of us don't? IU is going in front of the NCAA this week to deal with the pending infractions from the Kelvin Sampson administration.

On the plus side, Crean may start the 08-09 season with his own version of the Fab 5. And who knows, I could enroll in graduate school there and use the four years of eligibility I have left...

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