Friday, May 2, 2008

Schedule open tryouts

The Hoosiers are down to three returning scholarship players for next season, according to this report from The program is supposed to announce today that Armon Bassett,
Jamarcus Ellis will not be reinstated and that DeAndre Thomas and Eli Holman also are leaving.

Holman's departure is no surprise after the issue yesterday where police had to be called when he lost it during a meeting with Head Coach Tom Crean.

According to the story, there are eight players returning, including the incoming JC players and freshmen. Maybe Crean should scout the IU intramural basketball games or hang out at the HPER and watch the pick-up games this summer. There probably is someone there worthy of wearing the Indiana uniform. Either way, IU may end up with only five or six players in its rotation next year.

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