Friday, March 14, 2008

Sox-Cubs issues

Our friend T.J. is correct, as is Hire Jim Essian, in surmising that Sox fans still feel animosity toward Cub fans. Would I trade the 2005 World Series victory for a guarantee the Cubs would never win a title again? No.

This is my problem with Cub fans and pretty much most of Major League Baseball when it comes to the White Sox. The Sox don't get any respect. They never get the benefit of the doubt, they never attained that lovable quality the Cubs have a monopoly on. The Sox win the World Series, and they don't get the cover of Sports Illustrated. SI instead puts Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on the cover to push its preview of a regular season NFL game. As many south siders pointed out, that was a true measure of where the White Sox rank in baseball lore. You can guarantee that when the Cubs win the World Series, they will get the cover of EVERY major sports magazine and even mainstream news magazines like Time.

In the end, it seemed MLB and pretty much no one outside the south side of Chicago cared about the Sox breaking an 88-year drout. The team has about as much pull as the Anaheim Angels: 'Way Good for you. But we're more interested in the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Dodgers or Cubs winning the World Series.'

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