Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hoosier coaching rumors

It's difficult to tell whether this story is true or not, but is reporting IU offered the men's basketball coaching job to Tony Bennett of Washington State.

This seems difficult to believe since the Cougars just lost to Carolina just a couple days ago in the Sweet 16. Stranger things have happened, but I don't think Bennett would be in extended talks with IU during a tourney run and I don't think it would have been kept secret that IU got permission to talk to him.

Terry Hutchens, the IU beat reporter at the Indianapolis Star, wrote a great blog post today about the rumor. He said he talked to several people who seemed to indicate the story was false and that Bennett hadn't talked to anyone.

It seems unlikely that the IU search committee will get to talk to anyone before their teams are eliminated from the tournament. And the interview process likely will take some time.

Everyone just needs to calm down and be patient.

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