Friday, February 22, 2008

They report, you decide?

The circus surrounding Indiana basketball and the fate of its coach is reaching nightmare proportions. Reports have ranged from Kelvin Sampson has been fired to no decision has been made. Another suggests players have threatened to quit if Sampson is removed.

Here are the media reports I've come across. Read them and decide for yourself. As of this posting, no IU press conference has been scheduled or an announcement made that I've seen.

  • WTHR's story stating Sampson is out
  • Fox story that Sampson is gone for this year
  • story that a decision has been made on Sampson's future
  • CBS story about the players standing up for their coach
  • Indianapolis Star story saying a decision is coming. The Star's IU blog posting about all the media reports.
  • IDS story about the issue.
Update (1:39 p.m.): CBS now is reporting Sampson is suspended for the season and then will be fired.

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