Sunday, February 1, 2009

That extra phone call

Every Sunday I get a call from my father. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and for a long-time was a Steelers season ticket-holder.

Usually we talk about sports and during football season, we talk about the Steelers and occasionally, the Bears. On special Sundays, I get two calls. Those are reserved for football championship games.

After Super Bowl XL, I made the call. The Steelers had just beaten the Seahawks 21-10.

"Hey, Derrick?" my father said.

"We did it!" I said excitedly into the cell phone.

That is the attitude in my family, and I suspect others, when it comes to the Steelers. They're our team. It's we win, not they win. That is why the Super Bowl is so special. We all take a piece of a victory ... and a loss.

Tonight I will be stuck to my coach for maybe five minutes before I start pacing. I will yell at the TV, because they're my players as much as they are Mike Tomlin's. I will hope for great plays just as hard as the players work for them.

I think the Steelers should win this game. My prediction is 27-17. Let's hope the late night phone call I will get tonight is a good one.

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