Saturday, January 31, 2009

Effort is not enough

Once again, playing hard won't do it. The Hoosiers fall to Ohio State 93-81 in a game that was as frustrating as the entire season.

An 9-11 three-point performance by Matt Roth goes wasted because the Hoosiers could not sustain any momentum. Whether that is a testament to the Buckeyes' greatness is debatable.

It wasn't that the Hoosiers made mistakes. It was they made mistakes in bunches and at the worst times. Late in the second half with a chance to win, the Hoosiers turned the ball over several times, leading to Ohio State points. Two four-point plays allowed as well as a three-point shooter fouled -- he made all three free throws -- did not help either.

What is probably most frustrating is Ohio State played error-free for most of the game. They shot lights out in the second half, 63 percent for the game, when IU was trying to make a run and made almost all their free-throws. And the officials seemed to give them every major call in the game as well.

How much longer must IU wait for a break?

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