Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swimming in quicksand

IU losses to Michigan State 42-29.

The good news: Javon Ringer didn't get 200 yards for the third straight game. He only got 196.

Last week's loss was embarrassing. This one was just painful. IU easily could have won this game and I venture to say they SHOULD have won this game. But it seemed for every good play that was made, there were two bad plays.

The microcosm of the whole game: Third quarter, 4:12 to go. Third down and 8 at the IU 3 yard line. Kellen Lewis throws a 97 yard touchdown pass that gives IU the lead. But it's negated by a holding penalty. And it occurred in the end zone, which is a safety and Michigan State goes up by 7.

IU had nine penalties for 89 yards and it seemed a lot of them came at the worst possible time. Personal foul penalties were called to killed first-down gains. A holding call in the end zone. You name it, every time IU tried to get back in the game a crippling penalty was called.

The Hoosiers slipped to 2-2 and head to Minnesota next week. The Gophers are playing much better, in spite of a loss today at Ohio State. I'm not feeling very good about a bounce-back next week.

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