Saturday, September 27, 2008

Memorize this phrase...

Actually, Hoosier fans probably won't have to, but they likely will not forget it until well after this week's game against Michigan State: "Ringer gets the carry."

Spartan running back Javon Ringer is a Heisman Trophy candidate. And the Hoosier defense had trouble stopping the run against Ball State last week. The Cardinals' top back rushed for 166 yards last week. Expect Ringer to get a lot of carries and a ton of yards, maybe more than 200. Hopefully the IU offense will be able to keep up, otherwise it will be a long day.

Michigan State is an 8-point favorite. Kick-off on ESPN is in 20 minutes.

I'm hoping I don't have to invoke the 21-point rule this week. It was the unofficial football rule when I was a student: when the Hoosiers went down by 21 points or more, you left. Sometimes it was in the fourth quarter, sometimes it was in the first quarter. In either case, it was strictly followed by hundreds of fans.

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