Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hoosiers lead 10-7 after first quarter

The Hoosiers offense looked in sync in the first quarter, but a defensive lapse has made sure Akron remains in the game.

IU rushed for 47 yards and passed for 67 in the first quarter, but the big play came on the opening kickoff, when Ray Fisher ran it back 91 yards for a touchdown.

I've been impressed with the IU running game so far. The line appears to be opening the holes and the backs are hitting them. The Hoosiers also were 4-5 on third down, which is encouraging.

Unfortunately, one defensive lapse gave the Zips an easy touchdown. A missed tackle allowed Akron wide receiver Deryn Bowser to score a 49-yard touchdown. He is the only Akron receiver with a catch so far.

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