Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking to the future ... IU football

Another week, another loss. This time at Illinois, 55-13. But this time it begs another question, one that has been lingering the last 10 years:

Where is the IU defense?

Out of 14 possessions, Illinois scored on 8 of them. Two of the possessions where they didn't score were the end of the first and second halves. That means the defense stopped Illinois only four times out of 14.

During the five-game losing streak, the IU defense has given up a ridiculous amount of yards:
  • 563 (Illinois)
  • 422 (Iowa)
  • 333 (Minnesota)
  • 497 (Michigan State)
  • 463 (Ball State)
Giving up more than 400 yards four out of five games is not going to get it done, no matter how many points the offense can score. It is the same problem the Hoosiers had during the Antwaan Randle El years. They could score 35 points per game, but gave up 36.

I still don't understand how a team could recruit so much offensive talent year after year, but not find enough on defense to keep the Hoosiers in the game consistently. I didn't watch much of the game against Illinois Saturday, but what I saw was Illinois running and throwing the ball all over the lot. It seemed every completion was to a wide-open receiver. Juice Williams didn't have many difficult throws to make because the defenders were never around his receivers.

I'm not a football coach, so I don't understand the problem. Is this a problem with the defensive system ... the players ... the coaches?

The above numbers are unacceptable for a high school football team.

Speaking of unacceptable, the second half last night ridiculous. When the game is out of hand (IU was down 34-7 and then 48-10), why would you kick field goals of 23 yards and 31 yards? This team has major offensive problems. Why not go for the touchdown?

To me it looked like the team and everyone else gave up? I don't think much of losing by 42 instead of 48. It was almost laughable.

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