Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't stop believin'

An interesting story in today's Chicago Tribune by baseball writer Phil Rogers. He argues the worst-case scenario for the Cubs is an all-Chicago World Series -- a match-up with the White Sox.

Sure it would be great for Chicago to be the center of the baseball universe. But the Cubs would have to play up to four "away" games across town on the south side. Rogers said the Sox would have nothing to lose in such a series. I agree. If the Sox lose, that means the Cubs will have won and and broke the curse, and the team that is clearly favored in Chicago will finally have something to celebrate.

If the Sox win, well, the Cubs are once again leave expectations unfulfilled. All the pressure clearly would be on the north side, not the south side.

Rogers said Cub fans should pray the Sox are eliminated early. Are you sweating TJ? And Cubs Nation?

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T.J. Brown said...

If Phil Rogers predicted I'd be run over by a semi, I'd walk onto the Edens Expressway during rush hour and dart across lanes of traffic.

There are lampposts with more intelligence than Phil Rogers.