Friday, November 9, 2007

Reflections on the Ball State victory

I took the picture in the previous post from the Club Level at Memorial Stadium. Thanks to my wife, who procured the tickets, we were able to make the trip back to B-town for the game. I must say the press box is an impressive place to watch a football game.

Not only is it enclosed, but has plush seats much more suitable than the benches in the grandstand and a free food buffet. There were several TVs in our section, one showing essentially what appears on the scoreboard video screen, another showing ESPN and a third showing Big Ten Network. And speakers posted at several places allowed us to listen to the IU football radio call.

They were not luxury boxes, but I preferred this set-up to a luxury box.

My only complaint was that I felt separated from the rest of the fans. It didn't seem polite to clap along with IU fight song and it was difficult to hear the band when they played. There were cheers for touchdowns and defensive stops, but it didn't seem the same as when I used to sit outside in the student section.

It still was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend it.

Note: The picture above is of the construction project at Memorial Stadium, which will enclose the north end of the grandstand. I took this one as well.


T.J. Brown said...

You watched the game from the press box? Did you at least pretend you were working?

Derrick said...

No, this was a vacation/fan trip for Jenni and I. The actual press room was one floor above us.

T.J. Brown said...

So, you got club tickets. How?