Saturday, October 27, 2007

They're storming the field?

This has come up several times during the past few years. When is it acceptable to storm the field or court?

Iowa fans just stormed the field after
beating Michigan State in double overtime 34-27. The Hawkeyes moved their record to 4-5 and 2-4 in the Big Ten. That is not a reason to rush the field and celebrate if you ask me.

If Indiana finally wins its sixth game next week and becomes bowl eligible, I would allow the students to rush the field. Beat the number one team in the country, you can rush the field or court.

Other scenarios where storming the field or court is acceptable:
  1. Win the national championship
  2. Break a losing streak that stretches over many years
  3. Win a conference tournament to gain a berth in the NCAA basketball tournament
  4. Go to the Final Four

Any other acceptable situations?


Anonymous said...

No occasion is acceptable. It's gotten so tiresome, IU should celebrate by staying in their seats and NOT LEAVING THE stadium should they win next week....

Derrick said...

I agree with that assessment of IU football fans. Some have become so used to losing football games that they instictively expect to leave early.

But I still think there are reasons to run on the field or court and celebrate. It's OK to show some excitement, just do it for the right reason.