Saturday, August 4, 2007

Prime time at Bears camp

The Bears conducted a late practice last night. Defensive Coordinator Bob Babich told his guys to get six turnovers during the session ... and they did. Is that a sign of good defense, or REALLY bad offense this season? also has video highlights of the session. It's hard to tell who was making all the turnovers, but the story linked above indicated starter Rex Grossman had three interceptions and RB Cedric Benson had a fumble.

Grossman also hit Bernard Berrian for a touchdown and back-ups Brian Griese and Kyle Orton three TDs to tight end John Gilmore.

Some of the TV coverage I've seen with Grossman has focused on his fundamentals. Grossman admits he needs to work on them and supposedly that is what is going on at camp. I think he also needs to improve his decision-making. He has to resist the urge to press when the Bears are behind -- forcing passes to where they shouldn't go. He also has to learn to take what the defense gives him and not try to throw a touchdown pass on every play.

Hopefully that will come during this second full season at the helm.

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Anonymous said...

Please leave Grossman in and we'll kill you again in the Superbowl. Roll over Bears
-Colts Fan-